How does it work ?

To proceed with your visa application, make sure you have completed all your information and documents as required in the information menu, which will make your file complete. This step will be followed by your choice of university and the submission of your enrollment request. Once you apply, your university of choice will contact you for internal procedures, after which, if your application is successful, they will provide you with an official invitation document.

Once you have received this document you will then go to the related site NeverGiveApp. infos to find the link to the website of your embassy of choice through which you will have details concerning the consulate of the embassy of the country of your university in your city or country of residence. Details of the study visa application process will also be provided to you there.

NeverGiveApp acts as a communication bridge between your university and you until your registration is confirmed; Thus, the procedures for applying for and obtaining your visa are not supported by the NeverGiveApp platform.