Register abroad

To begin the process of enrolling in a university institution at abroad, you must first have created a NeverGivApp account and if possible, complete the information requested on the profile. This information will allow the candidate to activate his portfolio.

Then, you will have to suscribe for a period of 90 days. At this stage, the possibility of choosing a university establishment will be given to the candidate. Once the candidate has clicked on the button "Go to the school market", he can choose up to 5 universities.

For processing the school file or academic background of the candidate, academic institutions generally request a 30$ payment (non-refundable). This amount may change depending on academic institutions.

Payment of academic fees

Once your registration is approved, some academic institutions will request to pay all or part of the fees for the first year. It's only after this payment you will receive a letter from the university which you will present to the embassy for obtaining the visa.

Academic fees are reimbursable. However, depending on the reason that motivates the cancellation of your registration, you could have penalties. These informations are available on the page of each university.
Example :

  • If the visa has not been granted: you will receive 90% of your academic fees.
  • If you decide to cancel your registration: you will receive 70% of your academic fees. In all cases, the transfer fees will be paid by the candidate.

Activate my resume

As explained above, the candidate must complete the information on his profile and attach identity documents and school documents and / or academic. Then, you will have to tick on Activate my portfolio / my CV . As soon as the candidate submit a registration request, this information will be sent to academic institutions for a better treatment of his file. He will no longer necessary to send its documents to universities.

Find a scholarship

Those looking for a scholarship do not need to create a NeverGivApp account. At this level, there are two cases:

  • If you already have a scholarship: those who already have a scholarship and are looking for an establishment can answer the questions reserved for them by going to "I have a stock Exchange". NeverGivApp can help them get enrolled in one of the best universities in the world according to their scholarship.
  • If you need a scholarship: university establishments offer regular partial or full scholarships. You can find scholarships in going to the university page on the NeverGivApp platform.

Join a group

Thanks to the NeverGivApp platform, it is possible for students to integrate groups according to their need. There are 2 groups.

  • University groups: Thanks to this group, it is possible to share related information at your university establishment with other students.
  • Intellectual groups: This group allows you to be in contact with other students from different countries and different universities but who are in the same field of study that you. You can share information about your research, ask questions, or even find a pair for projects.

Work with us

It is possible to work with the NeverGivApp platform by inviting members of your family, colleagues, friends and acquaintances. All you have to do is to ask them, when filling in their profile information, to specify that they were put in touch with NeverGivApp thanks to you. Thanks to this detail, you will receive automatically 5% of all expenses that will be incurred on behalf of individuals that you have recommended.