History and management

Students around the world want to improve their lives bygetting a good education. In fact, there are more than 28,000 educational institutions worldwide, according to statistics available on the web, which indicates that there are many institutions for students. Unfortunately, students have limited knowledge of international education systems, seriously hindered them from improving their lives and achieving their dreams. Higher education systems all have different processes which are not always clearly defined and they do not provide students living in other countries with adequate means of connection unless the student physically travels for a visit.

In order to solve this problem of connectivity of international students with educational institutions, NeverGivApp was created. NeverGivApp (NGA) is an online platform for students to connect with educational institutions and increase their chances of being accepted and ultimately create a better life for themselves. Thanks to the NGA platform, students can apply to educational establishments, create an online CV for the educational establishments screen, pay their tuition fees and chat with educational establishments. name just a few. Students can learn more about potential educational institutions and complete the application process in one place in a simple click.

For educational institutions, the NGA is a great tool to promote their institutions and the benefits they can bring to students around the world. It is particularly good for small educational establishments which do not enjoy a great reputation worldwide, it is an opportunity for them to promote themselves. On the Nevergivapp platform, educational institutions can create advertisements, publish events to educate international and national students about their services, create interest based and demographic groups, and conduct virtual interviews with students. NeverGivApp brings value to students and educational institutions by connecting them and ensuring knowledge sharing and improving life. NeverGivApp is proud of the added value it offers to all.

NeverGivApp is an online platform giving global access to students and educational institutions who want to connect with each other. The platform creates convenience for students as they can learn about educational institutions and follow the application and payment process in one application. Educational institutions, on the other hand, have access to large groups of international students qualified to study and can therefore increase their income while improving the lives of people around the world.

Our values

Our vision is to create a stable educational network platform with a solid foundation that gives information to students worldwide all the core values.We hold the values ​​ of ITPEES = IT peace, technology for peace and evolution.Fundamental values ​​: Integrity, Transparency, Professionalism, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Simplicity.


We at Nevergiv App maintain the organizational moral principles of uprightness with honest to service in quality.We globally put others' needs above our own manifesting humility.


Nevergiv App values in being open minded and straightforward about information various operations and opportunities. We share viable educational information in relation to performance excellence by creating trust between our end customer users and employees through our conducive working environment relationships.

The senior leadership management leads the company to future success in all levels of management which foster the company's trust and determination in the discretionary effort that comes with a high level of engagement.


The organization obtains the facts of proper conduct, behavior, respect and attitude for all. NevergivApp is priority is to enhance high level of customer information confidentiality and meet to deliver being loyal to company expectations.


The organization is leveled to Information quality deliverance to satisfy its customers as it is one of the highest measure of Nevergiv App profitability and target in growth to produce a desired or intended result.

We therefore exhibit the strength across leadership decision making, structure, people work processes and systems culture to lead with influence in education.


Nevergiv App prides in sustainability and innovation qualities as it's the company dynamic environment strategy for efficiency for continued growth and development.

We in education influence information signify a peak level of performance that uses the most amount of input to achieve the highest target of effective customer satisfaction worldwide.


To be simple is to be focused that's Nevergiv App. We are available to achieve goals and eliminate processes that deter our organization from the target. We appreciate the life of others by creating freedom of material accessibility by use of Information based technology.

Where to find us

NeverGivApp is an online platform connecting students with higher education institutions to learn more information and improve their lives through education. NGA is legally located in the state of Michigan as a Corporation due to favorable corporate laws and growth objectives.