A platform to help you study abroad-bridging the gap between dreams and reality!

There are highly talented students looking to study abroad and reputed institutions looking to recruit them. Why is it so difficult for students and institutions to find each other?

Both students and institutions face difficulties reaching out to each other when it comes to studying abroad. What with the numerous platforms to comb through and fake promises made by several mediators-you almost lose hope!

That is why we offer you a simple and direct way to reach out and explore different universities and pools of students, without the fear of being swindled- NeverGivApp- your dream!

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How does it work?


For Institutions

Exhibit-Create an account for your institution and showcase your accolades, accomplishments and facilities
Engage-Foster a community of prospective students through your posts and content, interact directly with your students and manage the database of their applications
Enroll-Review the applications of your students, enroll the most suitable ones and welcome them with an invitation letter!

For Students

Create-Sign-up and create a customized portfolio for the institution you are applying
Connect-Reach out to your dream universities and like-minded peers directly to clarify your doubts and discuss ideas through real-time chatting and video-conferencing
Apply-Apply to any university for the course or program of your preference and track the progress of your application. Once enrolled you can even pay your fees through this platform!

Our trust partners and supporters

NeverGivApp is an online platform giving worldwide access to students and educational institutions who want to connect with each other. The platform creates convenience for students as they can learn about educational institutions and follow through with the application and payment process all in one application.

Our services



NeverGivApp allows students to create private communities where he can manage his fanbases, create a videoconference and others functionalities.

NeverGivApp code post

NeverGivApp code post

NevergIvApp opened the door for students to post programming code as questions and they will get respond back from their fanbases or edunets.


Students management

Institutions have a possibility to manage theirs students and Institutions gain access to accept, refuse or block the future students and also to follow up the process.

Study online

Study online

NeverGivApp is proudly introducing the official enrollment of online courses for your prestigious institute to get huge lots of national and international students. Simpler & Easier!



One-stop solution platform for students to get information about scholarship from institution.



Collaborate with students, institution, education experts, your fanbases or edunets.


Video Conference Features

Collaborate with partners and colleagues through our video conference feature for free.